Application for notifiable disease surveillance

Sen takia toivomme nopeita aktiivitoimia asian korjaamiseksi. Lopuksi haluaisin kiittää kollegoitani ympäristövaliokunnassa ja koko parlamentissa erittäin hyvästä yhteistyöstä ja vahvasta tuesta. Haluan kiittää niin kansainvälistä Lymen borrelioosiyhdistystä kuin kansallisiakin yhdistyksiä borrelioosiin sairastuneiden henkilöiden aseman parantamiseksi tehdystä työstä ja erityisesti haluan kiittää irlantilaista kollegaamme Liadh Ní Riadaa, joka on pitänyt tätä asiaa urhoollisesti jo vuosien ajan esillä.

Onneksi nyt olemme saaneet koko ympäristövaliokunnan tiimin mukaan tähän työhön. Kiitos siitä.

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Yhteistyöllä eteenpäin. In fact, Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-transmitted infection in Europe. Recent studies estimate that the incidence of Lyme disease at 22 cases per persons per year, with a steadily increasing occurrence in several Member States.

In the absence of a consistent surveillance system in the past, it remains difficult to accurately assess the overall trend of Lyme disease. It is, however, clear that the northward spread of ticks and adaptation of altitude are associated with climate change and land-use change.

Currently, there is no vaccine against Lyme disease so the recommendation is to take general prevention methods, such as tick awareness, appropriate clothing in tick-infested areas and the removal of attached ticks. These are particularly important for citizens living in areas where Lyme disease is endemic and high-risk groups, such as agricultural and forestry workers. Let me now address each of the questions you raised. However, the diagnosis of Lyme disease is challenging, as the symptoms are varied and often non—specific.

In addition, different diagnostic criteria and tests are used in different countries. Thus, the disease may go undetected, with the subsequent risk of developing serious chronic manifestations. The definition of neuroborreliosis is more standardised than other Lyme disease manifestations, with the possibility to confirm cases based on a common EU case definition.

This is why, based on a scientific assessment, it was therefore decided to include Lyme neuroborreliosis in the list of EU notifiable diseases under the decision on serious cross—border threats to health. The Commission remains fully committed to tackle the disease, working with Member States to strengthen prevention, surveillance and control of Lyme disease.

As a key element, the decision on serious cross—border threats to health, which I have just mentioned, provides for epidemiological surveillance of communicable diseases through the use of comparable and compatible data. The epidemiological information on neuroborreliosis will be collected by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, starting in for cases diagnosed in In time, this will allow a better evaluation of the disease prevalence and trend of Lyme disease in Europe.


Cooperation on surveillance, prevention and control between Member States is ongoing, coordinated by the centre. Question three: the centre is actively contributing to enhance awareness about Lyme disease among professionals and the general population. Several publications and tools are available, including information about the disease and the vector infographics disease fact-sheets for professionals and health practitioners and a communication toolkit on tick-borne diseases and preventive measures against tick bites.

The centre has also conducted community preparedness case studies, including on Lyme disease, focusing on synergies on community and hospitals. Question four: as regards diagnostic practices, reporting of Lyme neuroborreliosis cases from onwards will be done according to a common case definition and diagnostic criteria.

This will help to allow for a more accurate picture of the prevalence of Lyme disease in the EU. In addition, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has conducted a systematic literature review on the diagnostic accuracy of serological tests for Lyme disease. It will start collecting data on the laboratory methods to evaluate the diagnosis for Lyme neuroborreliosis in Question five: as you know, the Commission is not in a position to harmonise treatment practices as this falls within the competence of the Member States.

This being said, the Commission is committed to help develop new and better diagnostics for Lyme disease. This effort has seen significant financial support in recent years. Question six: let me highlight that there is indeed currently very significant funding behind efforts to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease in the EU. The remaining two years of Horizon , and in particular its forthcoming calls for research and innovation project proposals, will offer further opportunities to support research on Lyme disease.


We now need to implement a robust Lyme disease surveillance to have a clearer picture on the disease burden and trends across the EU. We will further focus on awareness raising, improving community preparedness and prevention and supporting research efforts to develop new diagnostic methods and vaccines. I hope, and indeed trust, you share the intention to drive matters forward, to strengthen prevention and reduce the prevalence and the suffering associated with Lyme disease.

CDC - National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS) Modernization Initiative

Alojz Peterle, v imenu skupine PPE. Potreben je skupen pristop na ravni Evropske zveze. Ein herzliches Danke schön für Ihre sehr intensive Beantwortung unserer Fragen. In Niederösterreich hatte wir einen Landeshauptmannstellvertreter, der von einer Zecke gestochen wurde; das Ganze wurde nicht rechtzeitig erkannt, sodass es am Ende dazu geführt hat, dass er eine Herztransplantation gebraucht hat, um überhaupt zu überleben.

Um dieses dramatische Beispiel nicht allzu oft in Europa zu wiederholen, glaube ich, brauchen wir ganz konkrete Pläne, um die Borreliose rechtzeitig zu erkennen, Daten zu haben, damit wir auch wissen, wie wir sie behandeln, und ganz wesentlich — wie Sie auch angesprochen haben — ist die Erforschung einer Impfung.

Was wir auch brauchen, ist Aufklärung der Bevölkerung. Nicht nur jener, die intensiv mit dem Forst und der Landwirtschaft zu tun haben, denn hier gibt es ja schon Leitlinien, hier ist auch schon ein gewisses Bewusstsein entstanden. Aber in der Bevölkerung, die das Recht darauf hat, ihre Freizeit in der Natur zu verbringen, entsteht zum Beispiel oft der falsche Eindruck, dass durch eine Impfung gegen FSME, eine virale Erkrankung, die ebenfalls von der Zecke übertragen wird, hier ein genereller Schutz bei Zeckenbissen besteht.

Pani komisarz! In addition to lack of data, previous reporting templates did not capture much information on the signs and symptoms of many zoonotic diseases that are under surveillance in the country. Furthermore, outreach missions and support to livestock owners residing in remote villages was hindered by limited staff at the Livestock and Veterinary Division at MAF.

PADI-web dataset manually evaluated (1st January - 28th June ) - UMR TETIS

It is therefore a practice that we investigate these reports and confirm the disease outbreak through diagnosis. The unit will be responsible for coordinating, collection, analysing and sharing of animal resources data, and provide feedback to the districts and to top policy management of MAF. Search Keyword s. Brown David Miedinger David P. Songa confessed that he had got some casualties while treating the infected animals.

Another major achievement has been the setup of the IADSRS system, to improve data collection quality and interpretation.

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This support to establish a new reporting approach is expected to enhance mechanism for early disease detection and rapid reporting of animal diseases from the community level to the national level in Sierra Leone. Actualités Du terrain Points saillants.

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